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Cease To Meet

Churches Seeking Permission To Cease To Meet

The document below is provided to help you make a 'summary' of the information that the District Executive would need to know if a church felt the time had come to 'cease to meet'.

Please note that before any Cease to meet is submitted to the District Executive , you must have consulted with the District Mission Team Leader within the past 2 years. Contact-

Once the DME has commented on your application form and returned it to you, please send it to the following:

Secretary of the District Executive

Chair of the District

Synod Secretary

Your application will be considered initially by the District Executive and then reported to the Synod for the final approval. You must inform the District Executive of the numbers present and their votes at both the Church Council and the Circuit Meeting.

Looking for the dates of the next District Executive meeting? You find these in the calendar section of the website.

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