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    The Northampton District is a delightfully diverse area. The communities we serve include city centres urban and suburban areas including new housing developments, and many rural communities and sometimes all of these can be found in one circuit. Click here to read more...


    A prayer as I put on my mask:

    Loving God,

    as I prepare to go into the world,

    help me to see the sacrament

    in the wearing of this cloth -

    let it be "an outward sign

    of an inward grace" -

    a tangible and visible way of living

    love for my neighbours,

    as I love myself.


    since my lips will be covered,

    uncover my heart,

    that people would see my smile

    in the crinkles around my eyes.

    Since my voice may be muffled,

    help me to speak clearly,

    not only with my words,

    but with my actions.

    Holy Spirit,

    As the elastic touches my ears,

    remind me to listen carefully -

    and full of care -

    to all those I meet.

    May this simple piece of cloth be

    shield and banner,

    and each breath that it holds,

    be filled with your love.

    In your Name and

    in that love,

    I pray.

    May it be so.

    May it be so.

    (Moderator The United Church of Canada,  Revd Richard Bott) with thanks to Deacon Jan for offering this to us.

    UK Christian charity invites you to March for Myanmar  #marchformyanmar You can find out more here

    A major research project looking at how churches work with communities is published today by the Free Churches Group. Over 360 people in England were consulted and the report aims to highlight the important role churches play in the nation’s social fabric. You can read more here

    For latest news, including guidance for churches on the Coronavirus, follow this link to the Methodist Church website https://www.methodist.org.uk/ You can also sign up for the weekly Methodist News straight to your inbox here

    Resources for Spiritual Sustenance when Isolated - Click Here

    The district hosts a private Facebook group about creativity and faith. The group is called Create! and exists to help people create new Christian communities and to encourage existing Christian communities to be creative. If you would like to join please find us and answer the questions you'll be asked, also agreeing to the rules. www.facebook.com/groups/422328328463947/

    The Northampton District is a registered Eco District. The award affirms the District’s attention to the care of God’s creation and encourages the adoption of Eco Church by churches in the area. You can read more about the Eco Church scheme here.....


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