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    The Northampton District is a delightfully diverse area. The communities we serve include city centres urban and suburban areas including new housing developments, and many rural communities and sometimes all of these can be found in one circuit. 

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    District Safeguarding Office / Team Leader: Gill Crippen


    Mobile Number 07722 024250


    Poster for District Ordinands Testimony Service 2022

    Prayer for Ukraine

    Message from Rev'd Nicola Vidamour. This video was created out of a desperate need to do something after hearing the news headlines on Saturday 12th February 2022. I served as a Methodist Mission Partner in Russia from 2003-2009. This video uses photos from my last visit to Ukraine (2018) and the vocalists and guitarist are members of the Annual Methodist Conference for Ukraine and Moldova.


    God of all grace, you do not need us to agree with one another,

    but you do call us to love one another just as you love us.

    We know your love to be generous and gracious. May we share graciously and generously.

    You created us to be a part of your diverse creation,

    richer for being a gift and not a threat to one another.

    So give us courage every day, not just to worship you but to follow where your love leads. Amen.


    You can read Rev'd Helen's Easter Letter here

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