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International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination

Rev Patricia Mukorombindo, a member of the District's Justice, Dignity and Solidarity group, has written the below prayer for the International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination.

Dear Heavenly Father and Mother,

We come before you today, on this International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination,with heavy hearts. We acknowledge that you created all of humankind in your own image andlikeness, and we thank you for the unending love you have for us.

We lift up our prayers for the Black, Brown and other ethnic minority people who continue to sufferunder the weight of structural oppression and racial discrimination. Their hearts are filled withsorrow, as they face dehumanisation in various forms. We lament, Lord, how long will this sufferingpersist in our world?

We ask that you guide our actions with love where racial prejudice exists. Help us foster a sense ofcommunity that celebrates diversity, in the face of micro-aggressions. Grant wisdom to the worldleaders, that they may be the key initiators of peace and reconciliation, in the midst of chaos andhateful words.

For those who remain invisible and unwelcome, embolden us to speak out against discriminationthat denies others their full humanity. And when our places of worship become tainted with racialtoxicity, grant us the humility to repent from the sin of racism. Give the Church the wisdom todismantle structural racism and take radical action against racialized injustice and social inequality.

May the world open its ears and eyes to the wounds caused by race and racial discrimination. Maythey see the ocean of pain in the tears of those affected by injustice. Remind us, O God, that whenwe harm one another and fail to embrace the other, we defile your image and dismember the bodyof Christ.

Teach your people, Lord, to live together as brothers and sisters, embracing one another in love.Bring healing and transformation to those who suffer injustice, and empower all who work tirelesslyto eradicate and reduce racial injustice.

We ask that you do not abandon or forget your people. See us, Lord, and may the Holy Spirit bringforth justice, reconciliation, and healing.


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