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A prayer for Racial Justice Sunday

a prayer for racial justice sunday

11 February 2024

Revd Dr Inderjit Bhogal, past President of the Methodist Conference and Founder of City and Church of Sanctuary, has written a prayer to mark Racial Justice Sunday on the 11 February 2024.
This year, Racial Justice Sunday explores the movement of people from their homelands to the places they now call home.
Find out more about this year's Racial Justice Sunday theme, Exodus!, by clicking here.

Let us pray.

Migrant God, unbound and free from borders, your presence spans the universe.

In all our travel and travail, you are the constant companion of all, in you is our eternal rest and refuge.

In Jesus who had nowhere to lay his head, you reveal yourself taking sanctuary among us.

We behold you still in the face of all who are uprooted from their homes by war and weather, persecution and poverty.

We bless you for their courage and resilience in seeking justice, freedom and sanctuary.

Grant them safety in all their trail and turmoil.

Be the shelter of their lives and souls.

Enfold in your peace those who have died on the way.

Give to us all compassion and the capacity to listen and learn as people share their stories of their search and struggles for safety.

Strengthen us as we work together to build communities and congregations of warm welcome, protective hospitality, and sanctuary for all.

Bless us all pilgrims together, here we have no abiding city, bring us where you want us to be.

In the name of Christ.


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