REVIEW Refresh: A not-so-new guide to being church and doing life


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Review by Rev Novette Headley, presbyter in Leicester West circuit:

"... a great little book for people being introduced to fresh expressions of church. I could see it being used by prayer or fellowship groups who are serious about wanting to discover what mission God might be calling them to. After reading the book at home, people could perhaps gather together over four weeks, to share and pray over their responses to the questions at the end of just two of the chapters at a time. It could be used as a start of a discerning process. There's also lot of suggestions that traditional churches could do even if they were not starting a fresh expressions church."


Review by Andrew Maisey, district local preachers secretary:

Many of you will have heard of Fresh Expressions and as a result you may be thinking that this book is not for you, but whatever your feelings you HAVE to read this little book.  Increasingly the conversations before and after worship centre on aging fellowships, decreasing attendance and the consequent burden on fewer to do more to maintain the fabric of buildings and fulfil the administration of the local church and circuit. People want to know what they can do to reverse the trend. Well this book is the answer!  The book encourages a mind-set of being willing to dream dreams and to give them a try. An outpouring of love in action from our churches will grow God’s kingdom on earth. Lives will be enriched and hope, joy, peace and love will be shared in new and relevant ways. Will any of this mean that our churches get filled every Sunday morning? If you read this book and still think that’s God’s main priority then maybe read it again!


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