Mission Start-Up Grants

We have Mission Start-Up Grants available, for up to £1000, to use in reaching new people with the good news of God's love for them in Jesus Christ. This is 'seed funding' for beginning new mission initiatives.

This could be any idea you've got to reach new people, or it could be a plan to begin a completely new Church community in your circuit (whether it is called a Fresh Expression of Church or not).

Don't let lack of money stop you!

Please consider the the simple questions here and send your answers to Matt Forsyth. We will then show your answers to the Mission Support Group and hope to get an answer to you within a couple of weeks. The money can then follow shortly afterwards if it is agreed. There will also be help with ideas and how to put them into practice, if you need or want that. 

You will need to know what the idea is, who it will reach, how it will work, how much money you need and what you will spend it on, and also when it has been agreed by your church or circuit. We will expect to hear how it goes and hope to learn with you about mission to people beyond the church.

If God's given you an idea, give it a go!

If the grant is given we will come to meet with you to see what is happening and to learn about how the money can make a difference. We understand, though, that there are joys and frustrations in every project and we will be learning together.

If you want to know more contact Matt Forsyth

matt.forsyth@northamptonmethodistdistrict.org.uk  or  07745 020597.

We're looking forward to hearing from you!

N.B. These grants cannot be used for property work, ongoing costs or as a smaller part of ongoing work, but please ask if you want support in working out how to fund something else.

If you're looking for more, or other types, of funding then look at the information about District Advance Fund grants.

There are also funding sources listed on these pages:


Connexional grants are also available, please check eligibility for these http://www.methodist.org.uk/mission/connexional-grants


District Office

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