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Grants for Mission and Ministry

Grants to resource mission and ministry are available from both Methodist Church Connexional Grants and the Northampton District Advance Fund. The District Grants Policy, including the application forms for District Advance Fund Grants, is available here.
Northampton District Grants Policy - September 2018

Connexional Grants

For Connexional Grants, please go to for further information. Please note that before submitting an application you must liaise with the District Mission Enabler, and the District Chair and the District Treasurer must sign the application. In order to ensure that applications are submitted by the due date, please ensure that you contact the District Mission Enabler as early as possible and a minimum of six weeks before the date for submission. Arrangements for obtaining the signatures of the District Chair and District Treasurer should be made at least four weeks before the date for submission to avoid any delays due to holidays or other absence.

District Advance Fund Grants

The District Advance Fund (DAF) provides grants for personnel and property projects that develop new work and/or further the mission of the church in line with the District’s Criteria for Grants as described in the Northampton District Grants Policy Document. Please ensure that you contact the District Mission Enabler as soon as possible for guidance and the mandatory meeting and also that the application form and supporting information is forwarded to the District Treasurer by the due dates. Details of the criteria, the guidelines, contact details and the application dates are given in the Northampton District Grants Policy Document.

You can also see the details of grants that were made in 2017-2018 and the previous two years in the reports to Synod which are available here:
District Advance Fund Report to Synod for 2017-2018
District Advance Fund Report to Synod for 2016-2017
District Advance Fund Report to Synod for 2015-2016

There is some helpful advice on How to Fund Your Project on the Property Consents web site - click the link.

Support for Training

There is financial support available for those who wish to develop their skills and understanding of Christian life and ministry. The individual, their Circuit and the Northampton District will usually share the cost equally (one third each), but in cases of personal financial hardship, more support may be available.

To request financial assistance, please contact Andrew Lewis, the District Treasurer, at with details of the training, including costs, and the contributions that your Church or Circuit are willing to make.


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