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Jill Marsh

Hello I'm Jill Marsh and I'm the District Mission Enabler for the Northampton District. I look forward to meeting and working with you.

It's a privilege to travel around the district and to see God at work in so many different ways... in dementia-cafes, Street Pastors schemes, diverse congregations, Messy Churches, fellowship groups, youth work, new choirs, Super Kitchens, Holidays at Home, green initiatives, Christians in politics, missions to local communities, and in so many other ways. What is clear is that churches and circuits, like people, are all different but God can use us all, with the strengths given to us but also in our weaknesses.

Along with the District Mission Support Group (MSG) here are some of the ways that I could support the churches and circuits of this Methodist district:

  • On-going mission accompaniment with your church or circuit to help you develop a focussed mission in your area;
  • Training with the local church to help local people feel more confident in sharing their faith with other people (perhaps using the Talking of God course, Talking Jesus, the Happiness Course, the ecumenical Mission Shaped Ministry training or devising our own to fit your situation);
  • Input on redevelopment and building schemes, to develop the full mission potential of premises;
  • Help with enabling churches to diversify and relate to a broader section of the community;
  • Support, advice and encouragement on any aspect of mission, evangelism or Fresh Expressions;
  • Personal support for circuit lay and ordained staff in becoming more mission-focussed with your work.

I see my main task as supporting Methodist circuits and churches as we engage in the mission God gives us. I am excited to have been given this work and look forward to finding out more about what you will be doing and how I can help with it, where appropriate.

I live in the north of the District but can work wherever you are, time permitting. I would be happy to phone, Skype or travel and visit and/or stay locally.

If you'd like to explore any of these possibilities (or others you may have in mind) then please contact me. I'd be delighted to hear from you.

Meantime please browse the articles listed below for resources and inspiration!

Jill Marsh

9 The Elms, Blaby LE8 4EJ

07745 020597

District Mission Enabler


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