District Mission Policy


The Northampton District has adopted a Mission Policy, with targets for 2018-19.

OUR CALLING, as the Northampton District of the Methodist Church in Britain, is to respond to the Gospel of God’s love in Christ and to live out our discipleship in worship and mission. The District Mission Policy is to:

1) encourage and support churches and circuits to discern what is proving fruitful in drawing people to Christ, and what activity needs to cease. In 2018-19 we will:

  • Encourage participation in the day of repentance, prayer and fasting for the beginning of the year
  • Invite the circuits to ask for growth plans from each church
  • Offer help, through the Mission Support Group, for any church wanting to develop a Growth Plan or for any church wanting to decide what activities to cease

2) help churches and circuits develop forms of natural and relevant evangelism, including mentoring people in sharing faith In 2018-19 we will:

  • Offer evangelism training events to circuits (or gatherings of circuits)
  • Encourage each circuit to join in with Together Mission 2019 and to include some evangelistic activity as part of their mission
  • Explore how to develop training for ‘faith mentoring’ d. Continue to promote involvement in Thy Kingdom Come

3) support churches and circuits as they develop new expressions of faith, and new expressions of church, in new contexts and among new communities In 2018-19 we will:

  • With the Learning Network, and ecumenical partners, offer training about beginning new work, including new Methodist societies
  • Encourage the circuits to see the Together Mission 2019 as a possible way to discover which new communities God could be calling them to work with
  • Continue to encourage Methodists to consider any calling they may have to join the Methodist Pioneer Pathways or to begin pioneering work within their circuits
  • Ensure support for circuits who are beginning new Methodist societies (including new ecumenical societies)

4) affirm churches and circuits as they sustain faithful witness and mission in today’s culture In 2018-19 we will:

  • Continue to offer training opportunities for local churches including Mission Shaped Ministry modules
  • Continue to support through circuit stewards’ gatherings, Local Preachers and Worship Leaders’ gatherings, property and treasurers’ gatherings and away days for churches and circuits

5) remind the churches and circuits of the Conference’s commitment to prioritise work with those people who are marginalized or disadvantaged In 2018-19 we will:

  • reflect this in our use of District Funds and in our encouragement of these priorities in the circuits
  • develop our EDI and World Church groups to ensure that each Methodist has a voice
  • promote the use of the EDI toolkit across the district
  • develop a ‘Green policy’ which will help with preserving the environment and protecting those most at risk from global warming

In seeking to do all this we will encourage churches to develop partnerships ecumenically and across circuits.

In all of these commitments we will acknowledge our dependency on God, seek for honesty in action, show respect for people with different views, and root all we do in the Living Word of God.

We invite, support and anticipate response from the churches and circuits, recognizing that God is already at work among us.

We invite churches and circuits to consider this district policy alongside their own.

District Office

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